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What Every Spray Tan Business Owner Must Tell Their Customers Before Getting a Spray Tan

As a spray tan business owner, it is your responsibility to give proper advice to your customers in terms of proper spray tanning. By giving them the right advice, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly now and in the long term. One of the basic lessons that you should give any customer of yours is how they can prepare themselves before a spray tanning session. If you are an avid spray tanning user yourself, you know how important it is to prepare yourself properly because it affects the outcome of your spray tan. A bit of effort does not hurt and can go a long way.
For many first-timers of spray tanning, they are unsure what to expect when they get a spray tan. As a spray tan business owner, you need to address all their worries and questions with proper education. Make sure to be there to answer all queries from your customers. If not, make sure to teach your staff how they can assure each of your customers and ensure that they will do adequate preparation before their spray tanning session.
Once your customers book a spray tanning session with you, you need to give them more than just the day, time, and price of each session. You have to teach them the appropriate wear for their spray tanning sessions. What your customers will wear will depend on your rules of nudity as a spray tanning business. Some salons advise customers to wear a swimsuit or a thong at least while some salons will provide disposable ones for each of their customers. For some salons, spray tanning technicians might not have any issues spraying nude people, and if you are confident in stripping nude, then better. Often, you will get the best spray tanning results with this. Nonetheless, you need to inform your customers about your nudity policy ahead of time so that they will know what to expect.
You need to inform your customers how long they should be staying away from taking a shower after getting their spray tan. Doing so helps them make their plans for the day accordingly. You should know that different spray tan solutions have different developing times. It is your responsibility as a spray tan business owner to know when your customers can show after each spray tanning session so that they avoid damaging their tan. Discover on the spray tan solution here.
Make sure to also inform your customers to at least wax or shave a whole day before their spray tanning sessions with you. Doing it just before their appointment means that the pores of their skin might not have a chance to close properly yet. The spray tan solution might lodge deep into their pores, making their skin look spotty. Also, waxing or shaving after a spray tan will just damage their tan faster. You can read more here:

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